Mud Puddles & Dandelions Nature Preschool

14 Hillcrest Dr. Lucas, TX


05/22/17 - 05/26/17

Monday -

PM Snack:       

Tuesday - 

Breakfast:       Cheerios and banana 
Lunch:               Grilled cheese, mixed vegetables, cantalope, and crackers 
PM Snack:       Cantalope and goldfish crackers  

Wednesday - 

Breakfast:       English muffins and grapes
Lunch:               Ham and cheese sandwiches, oranges, and sweet potato fries
PM Snack:       Homemade muffins 

Thursday - 

Breakfast:       Biscuits and strawberries
Lunch:               Homemade pizza, salad, and blueberries
PM Snack:       Graham crackers and cream cheese

Friday - 

Breakfast:       Cinnamon toast 
 Lunch:              Beans and turkey franks, cornbread, green beans, and apple sauce
PM Snack:      Cheese and crackers